Aiko Island

Aiko Island 1.7

Family friendly puzzler

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  • Lots of puzzles
  • Great visual style


  • Scores rely too much on physics


This program can no longer be downloaded

Aiko Island enters the large and growing puzzle genre on iOS. The game is a speed puzzler with scores based on how many moves are made and how long it takes to completely solve the puzzle.

Users have to save the blue Aiko while destroying the red Aiko across each of the 100+ puzzles. From one to three cookies are given for the score and are used to open other parts of levels and unlock new worlds.

Aiko Island is not as simple as just popping the red Aiko and requires quick thinking and knowledge of physics to accurately solve the different puzzles. New elements are added to puzzles like Aiko attached by ropes or guides that can direct different Aiko.

The strengths of Aiko Island are in the crisp visuals and the difficulty of the puzzles. There is not much that differentiates Aiko Island from other puzzle games on iOS, but there is a charm to the game.

It is a perfect game for families and children. Aiko Island offers a large amount of content, but some puzzles can become frustrating because the gameplay is securely tied into the physics gameplay.

With Aiko Island scoring using time as one of the modifiers for scores, when the game applies some of the physics slowly; it requires players to restart levels to attempt for the highest score possible.

Aiko Island is a solid puzzle game with polished gameplay, it just does not feel really new.

Aiko Island


Aiko Island 1.7

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